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Booker T has a lot to say about Ivelisse being released by AEW

On a recent episode of “The Hall Of Fame” podcast/radio show, Booker T had a lot to say about Ivelisse being released by AEW. The story on her release is that there were issues between her and some of the trainers backstage. There were also issues with Thunder Rosa. Ivelisse has been vocal about her exit from the company on her social media accounts.

Booker T said the following about the situation:

“I’ve had nothing but good times as far as Ivelisse goes with Reality of Wrestling. But, business is business. The story with Ivelisse is she had some problems with one of the trainers or one of the coaches. My thing is this, and it’s just my opinion and my opinion only. When you have a problem with somebody, social media is not going to be the lifeline to go to, to save you like a life preserver or a life jacket, to save you when you’re having problems at work. I feel like social media is the last place I need my employees going to trying to settle a grievance with me on social media because that’s not going to happen. The only thing that’s going to do is tick me off. Putting something on social media when you have a problem with me, it should be with me, not you and your social media followers.

I just don’t think that’s a good idea or a good look, first and foremost. Her dropping names as well, you know what? I’ve been in the business 30 years, and I can’t remember one time talking about the company in the business side of, ‘Well, what’s going on?’ I can’t remember one time that you’ve heard me say how much money that I’ve made back in WCW. I might say, ‘Man, I’m still spending WCW money,’ but I’m not going to divulge that kind of information because it’s not your business, first and foremost.

Me, personally, honestly, the way I feel, and I like Ivelisse. I think she’s good people, but I also think that anybody that goes to social media and thinks they’re going to save their job, and you’re exposing or divulging inside information, you should be fired. You should be fired from every job. I’m saying in a general aspect, because why go and cry about something that you’re not going to change, and you’re definitely not going to change it that way? If it’s not working for you here, ok, move on somewhere else. Hopefully, it will work out for you there. If it doesn’t work out for you there, you move on, but, to think all of a sudden that we’re going to change the way business is done by going on social media and having a movement for every occasion, it’s not going to happen.

It’s sad to see people immediately want to run to social media and think that’s going to solve the problem. That’s not going to solve the problem. That’s only going to make the problem worse. That’s the only thing it’s going to do. When I see stories like this, it really upsets me. I know I didn’t have social media back in my day, but I got it now, and I could be complaining about a whole lot if I wanted to. The thing is, I complain. I complain a whole lot. I complain to the people that need to hear it, and if they don’t change it, we have a problem. I’m going to move on. Then, if that did happen in that sense, the story is not going to be on social media. They’re not going to hear about it. They’re just going to hear Booker T has left, or Booker T is working somewhere else. That’s it. Just like when I went from WWE to TNA. When I went from WWE to TNA, I don’t think you’re going to find one interview throughout those two years where I said anything about WWE, whether I liked it, whether I hated it, or whether there were certain people that ticked me off.”

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