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On the latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T was asked to give his thoughts on Kenny Omega and The Young Buck winning the Trios Titles at All Out while serving as EVPs:

"It doesn't look good at all. I mean, these guys beat everybody. I mean, no one can beat them. It's almost ridiculous. To be EVPs and then to create a division, and then be the first one to win it, what are we doing here? We're just playing games. Let's give ourselves a bonus. Let's give ourselves a raise. We're EVPs. We can do whatever we want to do."

Booker then talked about today's wrestlers allegedly not having enough respect for the business:

"The wrestling business has changed so much since back in the day, and I get it, the business is going to change. You gotta know how to change with it, but a lot of things still remain the same. I think that one thing that I think has been taken a lot out of context of the way it used to be is having respect with the boys. Hangman Page said he doesn't take advice from people, you know, stuff like that. When the business starts going that way, we're going to have these kinds of problems on a regular basis because this business has always been about rowing the same way at the same time at the same speed to get to our destination, and that is to make some money in our pocket.”

Booker T said CM Punk also does not take advice:

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"He's one of the main guys that doesn't take advice as far as I’m concerned. To be able to go out and say, 'I did this. I did this.' You think that's the advice that comes from any of the veterans that worked before him that’s gonna go out and say it publicly on television in front of the world? He's the one that should know most in this situation. I'm not throwing any shade on him or anything, but he's the oldest guy in the room in this situation right here. He should be the most mature guy in the room. He said it himself, 'I'm working with a bunch of kids here.' It's true. It means I need to go down to their level in order to hopefully be able to bring them up to my level. That's the way I deal with young people.”

On Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks getting into a fight with CM Punk:

"I don't blame The Bucks or Hangman, or Kenny Omega. If somebody tells me, ‘If you got a problem with me, you come say something’, that's what I'm gonna do. I understand that they got a title EVPs which puts them in a certain unique position of authority by doing something like and it can put them in a legal liability position as well, and I think Tony Khan, I'm sure he's thinking about that. Man can CM Punk sue me? That can happen and I'm sure he will do it. I don't blame those guys, but when you got a certain title, you got to be able to handle business. Sometimes you might just want to have a meeting, convene with each other, and talk about this as opposed to going and kicking the door in."

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