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Booker T on Jade Cargill: "She can become literally one of the best that we've ever seen in the business"

On today's "Hall of Fame Podcast" Booker T talked about the potential of Jade Cargill becoming one of the greatest of all time.

"If I'm trying to build a major superstar for this company, and someone like Jade Cargill, you got to that the right way," he said.

"You want to get that done right the first time. She's a work in progress, but I can tell you this. From her first match to where she is now, it's night and day. It really is. So that tells me she's coachable."

"From a psychology standpoint, if she can figure that out, which is not something that's really easy to do at all where she can actually go out and know how to feel in that match as opposed to just going through the motions because she knows what she has in her head, she can become literally one of the best that we've ever seen in the business, because she's already got one half already out of the way. She looks better than everybody. So if she could get the other side right, she could go down as truly one of the best."

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You can listen to Booker T's entire thoughts on Jade Cargill below.

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