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Tony Khan has taken recent shots at WWE over the last few weeks.

The AEW President lashed out at WWE for running two shows on the same weekend as All Out and poked fun at the NFL slaying Monday’s Raw in the ratings.

Khan also said the Northeast region of the United States is the real crown jewel of pro wrestling and not something held in Saudi Arabia, a shot at WWE’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi.

Khan's latest comments have been made after the brawl at AEW All Out involving CM Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks.

While speaking on the latest episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T told Khan that he should focus on what’s going on with his company instead of what the competition is doing.

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"Worry about your company. Worry about the turmoil that's going on inside of AEW right now, and try to fix that before you start thinking about what WWE is doing and instead of running his mouth about WWE. I have a lot of respect for Tony Khan. Sometimes you earn respect, as well. You don't earn it by going out there talking; you earn it by going out there and doing it. I think I would have a whole lot more respect for Tony Khan if he handled his business, and we all know what that is; we saw the press conference.”

Booker T said that instead of focusing on WWE, things may turn out better for his company.

“Yeah, as I said, I don’t get it. There’s a lot of upside about AEW. Just like Chris Jericho was talking at that press conference, some things are better kept to ourselves. Instead of blowing up WWE, especially with how WWE is rolling right now.”

You can watch the entire podcast by clicking on the player below:

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