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Brandi Rhodes on the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup, taking credit for her win with Allie, Madusa’s AEW appearance

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes was the guest this week on Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse Me” podcast.

Brandi was on the show to talk about the Women’s Tag Team Tournament Cup, partnering with Allie as The Nightmare Sisters, Madusa’s appearance on Monday AEW’s new action figures and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Vickie Guerrero introduced Brandi Rhodes and Brandi responded:  “Nothing to worry about, but just for future, when you introduce me, you might also want to say that I’m the first and only AEW women’s action figure.  People are loving that right now and it’s part of my brand,  If you could in the future, that would be great.”

Brandi talked about the AEW women’s tag team cup tournament on YouTube:  “It’s been an amazing response from the fans.  People are reaching out left and right saying how successful it’s been.  The views on YouTube are continuing to climb. It is a testament to the women at AEW that we deserve to be put in the spotlight for sure.  Would that be the case without me?  No because nobody else did this.  No one else said, hey, we need to push these girls into their own little spotlight, their own tournament.  We need to let them just go and have as much time as they need to shine.  I was the one to do that.  As the chief brand officer, I do charitable work all the time, so it’s nothing for me to get these women on television and help them grow their brands.”  

Vickie asked Brandi if she was taking all the credit in her win with Allie:  “Hold on.  First of all, I wasn’t taking the credit from Allie.  I was accepting my good destiny in that situation.  Sometimes you have to be a big enough person to let everyone else know how you feel about yourself.  That’s self-care 101.  I think I’m amazing so I’m going to say, hey everybody guess what, I think I’m amazing.  If she was upset by that, that is her own insecurity.  There is a microphone there for her too.  She could have talked about some of her strengths like her blonde hair or the fact that she is way more attractive than the guy she is hitting on currently.”  

Brandi commented on Madusa appearing at the tournament:  “She is quite the legend.  She looks amazing.  She doesn’t change.  She is always stunning.  Her voice is spectacular.  She’s on point.  She looks great and I love Madusa.  I think it’s good for our women’s division to have legendary women around like Madusa and like yourself, Vickie.  It only elevates these girls to become more and to strive for bigger and better things.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show with a h/t to for the transcription


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