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Brandon Cutler on when he knew the face mask would become part of his gimmick, who came up with the idea for cold spray

brandon cutler

Brandon Cutler appeared on "AEW Unrestricted" this week to discuss his face mask becoming part of the gimmick, where the cold spray came from, and the Young Bucks training him as a wrestler.

Brandon Cutler explained when he realized the face mask he was legitimately wearing because of an injury would be here to stay as part of his gimmick:

“I think it was the second or third week that I was wearing it. I would see pictures of myself in it and say, ‘Well this is the look,’" he laughed.

"Just being a bald white guy, it’s so default. There’s nothing to it. In wrestling, you have to have something else to make you look a little more like a star. That’s why I started doing face paint when I was the Dragon guy because it was kind of boring when I had nothing," Cutler said.

"When I switched over to the stooge, the face mask became like, ‘Well now that’s my face.’ I’m well past healed with the injury. It only took like three or four weeks to get cleared from it. I still get people asking me if I’m still injured. They say, ‘How long does it take to get your face healed?’ I’m like, ‘It’s been healed. This is just my face now. This is what my face looks like.’”

Cutler on where the cold spray idea came from:

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“That was another Matt Jackson idea. He had the idea to have someone be his actual young boy like back in Japan where they would have the guys clean up the streamers after an entrance. They would have the cold packs and cold spray right after a match," Brandon explained.

"They wanted to go to the next level of douchery of feeling so cocky, like they have their own team that’s there spraying him down. So he pitched that to me, and I took that over since I had the injury. I was like, ‘Okay. I’ll do that. That sounds like a hilarious character to be.’ He said, ‘We’ll have you in a tracksuit, you’ll clean our streamers up, and then cold spray us after matches.’"

"He bought some off the internet and had them for me on that first whatever Dynamite it was where they introduced me as this character. It became a thing of it’s so fun to spray that I’m constantly doing it on everything.”

Cutler said it was The Young Bucks who trained him to be a pro wrestler:

“It was Matt and my brother," Cutler shared. "We used to do the good old backyard wrestling, so we all did it a lot, but they actually went to a place and got trained."

"Then they would come back to the backyard and train the rest of us that were around as we were all doing it. It was a combination of that and then we would all take a lot of indie bookings together. Before those shows, we would use the ring time a lot as well. After a little while, they bought an actual ring which they would run their HRW shows with. It was almost every Saturday they would run the training for other people they would book, and then I would just do it with them.”

Cutler continued, saying that he was childhood friends with the Bucks, “I met them when I was like 12 or 13. I’m 34 now.”

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