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Brian Pillman Jr. on taking AEW opportunity while under contract with MLW

Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling

Brian Pillman Jr. is slated to work another match under the AEW banner as he will wrestle Shawn Spears on this week’s episode of AEW Dark. This will be his second match for AEW.

We noted earlier on the site that a report from noted Pillman is still under contract with MLW. As to how he’s able to work for AEW while under contract with MLW, it turns out that Pillman’s MLW deal was signed prior to the formation of AEW.

Thus, it allows him to work for AEW or any other promotion in addition to his remaining MLW dates as long as there’s not a conflict.

Pillman talked about the situation while doing an interview with WrestleTalk, which is where he put over MLW for giving him a great platform to further create art and get experience in the business.

Pillman confirmed the details in the report mentioned above. Although he said he originally wanted to stick with MLW, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. He saw the opportunity with AEW as a big one that would allow himself to be put in front of a wider audience and prove his worth.

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“I think what happened with the COVID-19 pandemic was they [MLW] got very apprehensive with running shows meanwhile you have Impact [Wrestling], AEW and WWE that are running shows with no fans. It was just hard for me to sit still and wait for them to bring me an opportunity. I just went out and chased the opportunities that were available to me. Per my contract, I was allowed to work for AEW. So it was a no-brainer to chase an opportunity at AEW.”

He added, “I’m not sure what their future plans are or when MLW’s next show is. I think not having that information, not having that security, and knowing when I was going back to work made it easier to look somewhere else for work.”

Pillman stated that he wishes MLW all the best in their future endeavors and noted how it appears that they removed him from the roster, which he completely understands.

Pillman pointed out how he was never really informed about MLW's status with him, but rather he told MLW that he was going to look for other work. He has no hard feelings and it’s just business. He put them over for having great talent.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below: