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Britt Baker responds to critics who are mad that she named Sasha Banks as her dream opponent

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

Britt Baker apparently got some negative tweets for her comments regarding Sasha Banks.

Earlier this week, the former AEW Women’s Champion was asked about her dream match, a common question, which she named Sasha Banks. If this would have been asked at any other time, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. However, since Banks is at odds right now with WWE and her status is up in the air due to her walking out of WWE, it got fans talking about the real possibility of it happening.

While appearing to Lindsey Brown & Adrian Hernandez of The Playmakers on 1140 The Bet Las Vegas, Baker responded to criticism of her picking Banks for her dream match.

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“I literally answered a question. I didn’t call out Sasha Banks. I didn’t say, ‘hey this match needs to happen.’ I was just asked a question and I gave an answer and they said what's a cool dream match you'd like to have. Sasha is one of my favorite wrestlers. It wasn't me challenging her or challenging WWE, all I did was say hey this is a cool match. And I heard from fans, WWE fans, and even wrestling fans, in general, did not like that. I don’t think they even read the whole interview. They read the clickbait and they run with it and they create just a nasty narrative when they don’t even know what they’re talking about. It’s so frustrating because in my position, I’m not going to respond to John 155 who has 19 followers, but I want to respond and be like ‘shut the hell up, you don’t even know what you're talking about.’”

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