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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega went to a 30-minute draw on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam

AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam in New York City kicked off with the dream match between AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson.

Here are match notes written as the match was happening:

There was a monster standing ovation for both men before the match got started. Danielson controlled the match for the first few minutes but Omega countered chops in the corner with his own chops and then Danielson countered with kicks to the body and Danielson executed a body drop that knocked Omega to the floor. Danielson then followed up with the suicide dive.

Omega eventually took over on offense with chops to the body and kicks to the spine while Danielson was down on the mat. Danielson turned things around when he got his knees up when Omega tried a moonsault. They kicked it up to a different pace about 10 minutes into the match. Moments later, Omega hit a hurricanrana that knocked Danielson to the outside of the ring. Omega followed up by a dive over the top onto Danielson.

Back in the ring, both men countered their roll up attempts and then Danielson locked in a double arm Cattle Mutilation submission but Omega made it to the bottom rope. Danielson then followed up with a knee off the top onto Omega on the stage. Danielson hit Omega with kicks but then Omega popped up and hit a dragon suplex on the plexiglass stage.

Omega then ran the length of the stage to hit a v-trigger as they went to picture in picture commercial break. After the break, Danielson had trouble standing after Omega slammed him on a table. Omega followed up with a buckle bomb and it sent Danielson crashing over the top rope. Omega then hit a missile drop kick to the back and followed up with a pin attempt. Danielson tried a surprise roll up but Omega kicked out and hit him in the back with a spin kick, followed by a v-trigger to the back of the head.

Omega tried a dragon suplex off the top rope but Danielson slid out and then he executed a backdrop off the top rope. Danielson came back with a flurry of offense and then went for a pin but Omega kicked out and the fans gave a standing ovation. Omega took over on offense and he hit an avalanche dragon suplex with Danielson landing on his stomach. Another pin attempt and kick out by Danielson. Omega followed up with a v-tigger but Danielson countered a One Winged Angel attempt with a hurricanrana that drove Omega’s head into the mat.

Omega was back up but he missed a v-trigger and Danielson hit a shot to the head.  Omega countered a running knee with a powerbomb and a v-trigger. Pin attempt, kick out by Danielson. Omega went for 450 off the top but Danielson moved and Omega crashed hard on the mat. Danielson hit kicks to the body and then they both hit each other with forearms but Danielson won the exchange with more kicks to the body and head, followed up with stomps to the body and the Lebell Lock. Omega made it to the ropes but Danielson hit a running drop kick. Both men hit moves on each other as the time limit was about to expire.

As they traded chops and punches, the bell sounded because the time limit expired. Danielson locked in the Lebell lock as The Elite ran in to save Omega.  The Elite attacked Danielson but Jurassic Express and Christian Cage ran out to make the save.

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