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Prior to his return last night on AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson spoke with Barstool Sports' Robbie Fox. Danielson described his routine on Wednesdays:

“I just ran three miles. I will get to the building early with William Regal and work with some people, train with some people, and that sort of thing. Sometimes we get there as early as 10 or 11, but if that's the case, I probably am not getting in my run."

On the formation of The Blackpool Combat Club:

"It's all just kind of been organic. It wasn't like we even knew we were going to be a group. When I first wrestled Moxley at the pay per view, it wasn't like, 'Okay, now we're going to form a group.' We just batted things around and things evolved naturally. Then Wheeler, adding that evolved naturally. Honestly, if it weren't for a couple of injuries that happened, it might have been somebody else in Wheeler's spot, but Wheeler was put into that position and stepped up to the plate huge. He's been a great addition. I mean, same thing with Claudio. Like if I hadn't gotten hurt, I don't know if Claudio would have been in the Blackpool Combat Club per say. But yeah, now, I really like the dynamic.” 

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