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Bryan Danielson says SPECT scans on his brain continue to improve

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Bryan Danielson is in the second chapter of his wrestling career after being forced to retire in 2015 over his history of concussions. He wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle by WWE for a few years, but he never gave up and kept going to doctors to prove to the company that he could wrestle again.

He returned to action with WWE in 2018 and has been wrestling ever since. He later went to AEW in September. Fresh off a win over Miro in the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament at Full Gear, Danielson spoke during the media scrum and was asked about monitoring head trauma.

This is where he noted that he doesn’t do impact testing anymore. Instead, he’s been doing SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) scans. This monitors the flow of oxygen to the brain.

"So I don't do the impact testing anymore. To be honest, I haven't done an impact test in years. But I do regularly keep up with a neurologist who I see pretty much every month. There are these new tests called SPECT scans which monitor the oxygen flow in your brain and all that kind of stuff. Because I keep working on it and keep doing different things, my SPECT scans keep getting better and better. I think last time he said that they were better than your average 25-year-old with no head trauma. We're going to see how valid these SPECT scans are and some of the other stuff.”

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He said he’s trying to be very diligent because one of the things that's most important to him is being a father. He doesn’t go to fringe doctors who will clear him no matter what. He brought up having respect for Dr. Joseph Maroon, who wouldn’t clear him for years in WWE, and Maroon being the most tested person he went to. He said that was part of the way he got cleared by WWE to avoid a huge lawsuit.

The biggest goal for him is to be a great father and he doesn’t want to be in a state of mind where he's not able to help his children with various things including chemistry. He said if it gets to a point where he can’t do that then it’s going to be a time to stop wrestling.

You can watch the entire media scrum by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found at the 12:08 mark):

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