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Bryan Danielson’s AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door status is up in the air

AEW and NJPW will present its Forbidden Door pay-per-view on June 26. NJPW had Zack Sabre Jr. call out Bryan Danielson after his match at the Dominion event, but the match has yet to be officially announced.

Danielson is dealing with an injury and the initial belief was that he would be out of action for one to two weeks. However, he has yet to return to in-ring action on AEW television.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Danielson has yet to be clear despite Sabre calling him out. AEW is still hoping the match can take place at Forbidden Door, but if he's not medically cleared in time then the match may have to take place on TV instead.

“You know that’s a very good question. They didn’t announce the match, but they certainly built it up. I can tell you that he was not cleared on Wednesday of last week, but they pushed very hard. That was taped on Wednesday….Zack cut promos on him.”

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Bryan Alvarez noted that he was told when Danielson went down with the injury that they expected him to be out for a few weeks to heal up, but he should be good to go for this show. He pointed out that with how much they’ve talked about the match on TV then they must still feel he can go.

Meltzer continued, “Here’s the deal. He’s either going to be on the show this coming Wednesday, or I would go and say that it’s unlikely that they’ll have the match, although he has until the 26th to get cleared. When I watched the show on Friday, my impression was that that match is on the card because you would not be teasing that if you did not think it was, and I think if you thought, with all the disappointments and things like that, that it wasn’t going to be there, I would not have teased it.”

Meltzer added that he has asked, but not given a yes or a no in regards to the match happening at this show, but it had been planned and it all comes down to Danielson being cleared in time.

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