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Bully Ray Talks Brodie Lee Potentially Being Jake Roberts’ AEW Client

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently commented on the new AEW angle featuring Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. The former WWF legend appeared on this week’s episode of Dynamite, interrupting a Cody Rhodes promo. Roberts would begin to cut his own promo on the EVP; Jake Roberts claimed that he had a ‘client’ who would be appearing on AEW television.

Bully Ray on The Client

Bully’s co-host for Busted Open Dave LaGreca believed that the ‘client’ would eventually be revealed as Lance Archer. Archer was recently confirmed as a new AEW signing, however he has not yet appeared on any of the company’s television. “Do you think Lance Archer fits the mould of a Jake Roberts, or [should it be] more of a Luke Harper/Brodie Lee type?” Bully replied.

Lance Archer or Brodie Lee?

Bully Ray would then elaborate further, saying “Lance Archer doesn’t need anybody to speak for him. Brodie might. If you look a little deeper, Cody worked with Brody in WWE, and is probably comfortable with his [in-ring] style. Cody knows that he can work well with him. Archer is a big dude who’s gonna come at you pretty damn hard, and if I was spending $1 and I could be wrong, I would say it was Brodie.”

Lee In AEW?

Brodie Lee/Luke Harper has not yet been confirmed as an AEW signing, however it is being rumored that the former member of the Wyatt Family is likely to be heading to the TNT based programme. The official AEW Twitter account recently posted an image that stated “it’s Wednesday.” Seemingly this was a play on the Brodie Lee “it’s xxx, you know what means” tweets that he has been posting for the past couple of years.

Brodie Lee

Jake Roberts recently went public to thank AEW for giving him the opportunity to appear on Dynamite. Roberts wrote on Twitter: “1. Thanks to DDP. 2. Thanks to AEW for opportunity 3. Thanks to JAKE for not giving up on sobriety that was so hard. WOW one of the greatest moments in my life.”

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