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The right to use "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas was not a one-shot deal.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez relayed some notes sent to him by Dave Meltzer and he said that The Elite will use the song going forward as their entrance music but not for all matches. 

Meltzer said, "Wayward Son by Kansas that The Elite used [on Saturday] will be the Trios entrance music." Meltzer added, "It won't be used in regular tag or singles matches. Young Bucks wanted the song for a long time. They and their father were big fans of the song. The thoughts by people that had to do with the situation in the past two months was something they were aware of, but the decision to use the song preceded that. In fact, when they were backyarders doing their backyard wrestling promotion (in the early 2000s), they used Wayward Son as their entrance music."

What Meltzer is referencing is the speculation online that The Young Bucks chose the song because the lyrics can be perceived to be a shot at CM Punk. Meltzer confirmed that the decision to use the song happened before the backstage fight in September. Also, it should be noted that the song was mentioned on Being The Elite long before Punk signed with AEW.

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