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Chelsea Green on wrestling for AEW: "I think it's time to explore that option"

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

In a exclusive, Chelsea Green spoke with Samira K. to talk about her WWE run, her future in wrestling, possibly working with Playboy, AEW, wedding planning, Thanksgiving food, Black Friday, Mickie James, Deonna Purrazzo, working in GCW, her podcast and more.

Scroll down to watch the entire interview. We will have more transcribed parts of the interview posted later this weekend.

Green was asked about promotions that she wants to work for. Green said, "I guess the one promotion that I haven't gone to is AEW. It's not like crazy to say. I've done. I've done everything else. But I have yet to step in the official AEW ring. I was at All In, the only females match on the card. But I think it's time to explore that option, something I haven't explored for the past kind of six months. And who knows, maybe 2022 Is my year."

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Green talked about her wedding planning: "We are close to the date. Oh my gosh, we're like 49 days out or something or 50 days out. Wedding Planning is going really well. It seems almost too easy. So maybe ask me in a month and I'll be a crazy Bridezilla. I'm not really sure. But for right now. It's been really awesome. I had all my girlfriend's at my dress fitting the other day. I've had my Canadian bachelorette party and now I have my American bachelorette party coming up. So life is good. I've got one of my wedding dresses hanging out beside me here."

Green was asked what was her reaction when Montell Jordan tweeted to Matt Cardona and agreed to perform at the wedding reception: "I don't know if you heard, I spoke about it a little bit in my podcast this week. Yeah, the hashtag for my wedding might be 'Mrs. How we do it' and Montell Jordan might have to play at the reception. I don't think that I can compete with that hashtag and Montell Jordan backing it."

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