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Chris Jericho on how he came up with his name and almost calling himself Jack Action

Chris Jericho

Lance Storm was on Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast this week. Storm and Jericho started their career together in 1990 and they will be celebrating 30 years in the business next week. Storm has been in Jacksonville, Florida for the last several days so there's a good chance that he will be on Dynamite in some form this coming Wednesday night.

Here are some highlights from this week's Talk Is Jericho podcast:

Lance Storm told us how he picked his ring name: “It was more a case of that I couldn’t think of anything. I’m not creative on that front. I don’t know who it was that mentioned Storm. I remember at the time not liking it because it sounded too fake and made up. My real middle initial is T. Lance Timothy Evers is my full name and someone joked about putting the T in there. They said T could stand for Thunder. Never at any point on any show did T stand for anything, but it does for probably the first 6 months of my career appear on programs. It was a case of I couldn’t think of anything. In the back of my mind, I thought, Hulk Hogan wasn’t Hulk Hogan in his first match. It’s not going to matter. I’m going to change this stupid name when I think of something I like. I started developing good will with the name because we started making ground really quick. The promoters in Canada started knowing who I was. The boys started liking working with Lance Storm and I’m like, I can’t change the name now. Thirty years later, it’s still Lance Storm. I did drop the T, but other than that.”

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Chris Jericho on how he came up with his name: “The story of my name was I had my name ready to go. It was Jack Action. I was trying to think of a name. Of course, Action Jackson was a name. There was a song by a band called Wasp called Jack Action. I’m like, that’s perfect, Jack Action. You (Lance Storm) said what are you writing there? I said Jack Action. You said, are you going to call yourself that? The way you said it, I was like, ah, I don’t know. You said that is terrible. That’s a terrible name. I was like, yea, that’s stupid. I had to think of a name. I was driving my ‘76 Volare and on the front passenger side, there was a cassette by a band called Halloween and the album was called Walls of Jericho. I thought about Jericho before because there was a Team Titans character called Jericho who’s the worst comic book character ever. So Jericho was in the back of my head for that. Then I thought, what about Chris Jericho?”

During this show, Storm and Jericho talk about how they first met, what they learned from the Hart Brothers wrestling school, Owen Hart, the reverse victory roll, and much more.

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