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Chris Jericho says CM Punk would be welcomed with open arms by AEW

Chris Jericho made it known while doing a recent interview with ESPN that he thinks AEW is a perfect place for former WWE Champion CM Punk.

Due to the bad blood that he has with WWE, that possibility is small of him returning to the company but signing with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) could become a reality.

Once he signed with the WWE, Punk career took off as he would later hold several championships including the WWE Title. He later took his talents to the Octagon in the UFC where he would lose to Mickey Gall and Mike Jackson. He hasn’t competed since those fights.

Jericho believes that in order for this possibility to happen then it has to be for the right reasons.

“If he wants to come back to wrestling, it would have to be for the right reasons — both on his end and on AEW’s end,” Jericho said. “CM Punk is a unique individual. Could we use him? Of course we can. Could WWE use him? Of course they could. It all depends on what Punk wants to do and what his attitude is when and if he comes back. Because it’s a new world now. It’s not a negative world, it’s a positive world. Especially in AEW.

“Like I said, if he wants to come in, he’d probably be welcomed with open arms. But I think he would have to kind of prove himself, as he would want to. Because I know him. He’s a competitor. He’s not gonna come back just for a paycheck or just to be famous. If he comes back, it’s because he wants to be here, he wants to wrestle and he wants to prove something. And if he doesn’t feel that way, he won’t come back. The only person that can answer that question, I believe, is CM Punk himself.”

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