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Chris Jericho says “NXT reject” who has been leaking AEW spoilers has been outed and he won’t be back

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho had some interesting comments about the person who leaked Eric Bischoff’s surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite.

Bischoff appeared on the show to host the debate between Jericho and Orange Cassidy. Because AEW taped it a few days in advance, someone leaked it on Reddit. This person had also leaked spoilers from other shows dating back to the Stadium Stampede match in May.

Jericho noted earlier in the live stream that he had pitched Bischoff to be the host, but Mike Tenay was also considered for the role. He stated that an “NXT reject” was who spoiled the surprise, but noted that the person isn’t welcome back in AEW.

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He talked about it during a Saturday Night Special live stream on his YouTube channel.

"Social media is a different ball of wax. I think the amount of people who are on social media is very small compared to the overall people watching. For example, when we had the debate and Eric Bischoff was announced on Reddit and we know the spy is, by the way. Oh, we know. He'll never f**king be back in AEW, NXT reject was a spy, so print that."

"I was like, listen, we can announce this or we can just not announce it and don't worry about it and see. The people that know will know and maybe they'll watch if they weren't going to. The people that don't know, will still be surprised. That's exactly what happened, people were super surprised that Bischoff was there and it worked out great."

You can watch the entire stream by clicking on the player below: