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Chris Jericho's generous donation helped save Kamala's home



Earlier this month, we wrote about the GoFundMe account set up by Brian Blair to help James "Kamala" Harris save his home.

Harris has dealt with mounting medical issues over the years and he was going to lose his home if his taxes were not paid until April 15th. Harris is a double amputee and must go on dialysis 3 times per week so you can imagine how tough it is for him to make enough money to cover his bills.

The fundraiser goal was $12,750 and he fell short before the April 15th deadline...until Chris Jericho saved the day with a $5,000 donation. Jericho did not tweet about it and has not said a word about it on his podcast but he should be commended for his generosity.

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We've written about Jericho's donations in the past. He's helped pay funeral expenses for former wrestlers and he helped save Paul Orndorff's house.

Here are just some of his donations:

– $5,000 to help cover the funeral expenses for Balls Mahoney
– $2,500 towards the fundraiser set up by Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens for the victims of the Alberta forest fires
– $3,000 towards Rico Constantino’s medical bills
– $2,500 towards Rex King’s funeral costs
– $2,500 to help with Jerry Lynn pay for several medical procedures
- $2,000 towards the Buffalo Brothers Car Accident Recovery Fund
- $500 to help a sick cat named Jax
- $2,000 to help with former Smoky Mountain Ring announcer Tommy Noe's medical costs
- $2,500 to help friend Alexandria Finley beat cancer
- $300 (out of the $300 goal) to help get boots for wrestler Black Dragon (Bret Komo)
- $5,000 to help save Kamala's house

Jericho has donated at least $42,000 (and likely much more than we know) to various causes, which makes him a GOAT human being in real-life.