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Chris Jericho's opponent for next week...and a special referee

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

This week's AEW Dynamite kicked off with Chris Jericho vs. the third labour of Jericho, Juventud Guerrera.

Jericho had the match won after hitting the Judas Effect but, per the rules of the match, he had to hit a move off the top rope. That move was a Judas Effect off the top rope. Jericho got his third win in the 5 labours he needs to complete for his match with MJF.

After the match, Wardlow attacked Jericho with stomps, the F-10 finisher, and the Casualty of War (knee to the face) move. MJF announced that Wardlow will face Jericho next week and he will make sure things are fair and square with a special referee...himself.

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