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CM Punk challenges Kazuchika Okada to a match at the United Center in Chicago

All Elite Wrestling/New Japan Pro Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling/New Japan Pro Wrestling

We might be closer to seeing a huge AEW vs. NJPW dream match.

In response to Kazuchika Okada's Sports Illustrated where he listed CM Punk as someone he'd like to wrestle, Punk responded, "Here’s my address, come see me: 1901 W Madison St Chicago, IL 60612 United States @rainmakerXokada"

That is the address for the United Center in Chicago so that could be where the match could take place. Due to the quarantine restrictions in Japan, it would be more likely for that match to happen in the United States and now with AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling's relationship, there is nothing stopping the bookers from making the match happen.

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In his interview with, Okada said this about potential dream matches: "Danielson and Punk would make for some incredible matches. A lot of those dream match scenarios are about getting excited for the possibilities, and once the match is done, it’s done. So it is important to keep that excitement and anticipation, I think. Still, if we wait too long, they’ll both retire eventually, so I want to face them both while they’re still active."