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CM Punk wants to team with Bryan Danielson to challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Titles

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk was on the AEW Unrestricted podcast this week to talk about his return to pro wrestling, the pop he got in Chicago at the United Center, the meeting that sealed the deal with Tony Khan, his match against Darby Allin, why he loves doing commentary, what he loves about working with Powerhouse Hobbs, how MMA training has helped him, stories about his wrestling influences, comics, horror movies, acting and more.

Here are some highlights:

CM Punk was asked when he seriously started about returning to wrestling:

“At some point when I was free and clear of all the lawsuits that people filed against me. I think there’s a point where that stops, I’m free and clear, and I’m like, sweet. The healing can begin. It coincided with the rise of AEW and stuff like that. At that point, it was probably a matter of time. I don’t know if there was like one ah-ha moment that made me go, ‘Yea, that’s the place.’ I already said that the Brodie tribute show, and the way the Brodie stuff was handled was so classy and not what I’m used to. It made me raise an eyebrow and go, ‘Hmm. Interesting.’”

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Punk talking about why he chose ‘Cult of Personality’ for his entrance music:

“I have been fortunate enough to be friends with a lot of great bands, a lot of talented artists, and to use a lot of those songs for entrance music. Cult of Personality, I think, transcends everything and I’m proud of this. The name CM Punk is forever tied to the band Living Color and Cult of Personality. It’s been a common thread throughout my entire life. The whole reason I used that song in Ring of Honor was because I loved that song. I thought it was great ring entrance music and for the character and everything. That was the song my little league team would play after we won games in 1989. It’s been with me for a while. I know all those guys. I was just with them at Riot Fest.”

Punk was asked who he would like to team with if he went after the AEW Tag-Team title:

“I think there’s a lot of good answers to that question, but selfishly, I want to tag with Bryan Danielson. I don’t know if anybody has ever spoken about this before, but before I left Ring of Honor for WWE, we were thinking what’s next for CM Punk after winning the title and all that stuff. There was a thing we were kicking around with maybe me and American Dragon tagging up, just black boots, black trunks, kind of like a Bockwinkel and Stevens for a new era. Of course, we were both like, ‘Yea, that sounds like something we could really sink our teeth into.’ I still think there’s potential to do that.”

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