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CM Punk's backstage reaction to MJF's shoot promos, locker room news on Bryan Danielson, Cody Rhodes, Young Bucks, Darby Allin

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Things have gotten heated on the mic between MJF and CM Punk in recent weeks and the promos have led to some to wonder if perhaps if some lines were crossed and if there's some heat backstage.

Wade Keller talked about this in a PWTorch audio update and he said that CM Punk seems to be fine with everything and the gloves are off for MJF to say what he wants.

Keller said, "It seems like Punk has been totally cool with everything. Like showing no signs that MJF went too far. And that MJF and Punk seem to get along well behind the scenes when people see them together planning their segments. So it doesn't seem like there's any tension at all."

Keller also discussed Punk having his own locker room but being very approachable backstage. Keller said, "Punk is isolating himself in AEW in the sense that he has his own locker room. Cody has his own locker room. I think the Young Bucks have their own locker room. I don't know about Kenny."

Keller gave some backstage tidbits on Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and others. He said, "But Cody and The Bucks don't change with everyone else. Bryan Danielson by the way changes with everyone else. He doesn't have his own locker room. Punk does have his own locker room. Now for whatever it's worth so does Darby. Some people just want to be with themselves and other people are more social. And Punk has long established that."

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"However, unlike Cody, Punk is interacting more with the wrestlers. I've heard of multiple occasions of wrestlers saying they've come up to Punk with a question and he's been super receptive. Like, 'I got all the time in the world for you type approach. Not 'Oh, I'm busy with my own stuff...' The body language with Punk for people who have approached him is he's been super cool. In fact, one younger wrestler on the roster told me 'yeah, he's been super chill and receptive since he's got here. He's a good dude.' So all reviews on Punk are good. And all indications are he's totally fine with MJF coming at him hard. He's at a secure place in his life and he's not sweating it even if MJF scores a few extra points more than Punk or if Punk is saying, 'Hey Punk that's the best you had last week just ripping on a local hockey team over and over?' MJF's gloves are off. He's not holding back..."

"Punk socially likes to have his own space as does Darby and Darby is not like a big shot. Punk and Cody and The Bucks also change on their own. That doesn't define if you're one of the boys but I will say Bryan Danielson, one of the boys. He's just in there and wants to be around them. But Punk is available and receptive and by all indications, like I said, [Punk is] just getting really good reviews for how he comes across."

Keller continued, "I think MJF said in a promo, 'nobody wanted you here' once in that's just not the case, as best I can tell. That's not to say that I by any means talk to everybody."

Keller added that perhaps there could be some people who feel like their main event push got delayed because of Punk but the feeling is that it's not personal and that Punk has the chance to "raise the water level" for AEW's exposure and that would help make the promotion more successful to create more big money contracts for when it comes time to renegotiate.

UPDATE: Fuego Del Sol and QT Marshall disputed the part about Cody's interaction with the locker room.

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