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As was noted last night, CM Punk kicked off AEW Dynamite to address the fans after his return last week and to start building the title unification match with Jon Moxley

Before Punk addressed Moxley, he had some words for Hangman Adam Page and then he called him out. Punk said it was 'coward sh*t' because Hangman did not come out to the ring. It turns out that Page did not go out because it was not a planned part of the show. Dave Meltzer explained it on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer said, "If you are wondering about the CM Punk thing at the start of the show with Adam Page, that was weird for everyone. As in, nobody knew he was going to do that. If you remember months ago when they were feuding and I said there's a lot of reality to it. Well, there's a lot of reality to it. I don't know what the deal was and nobody else does either. Punk was supposed to go out there and talk about Moxley and build the match and he did...after he talked about Adam Page."

Bryan Alvarez added, "Whatever they are going to do next week with the title match, I saw a lot of people saying oh, it's gonna be Punk and Hangman at All Out because of Punk's promo at the beginning of the show. Punk's promo at the beginning of the show had absolutely zero to do with whatever they're gonna do at the pay-per-view. So, don't read into that because that was not supposed to happen because Punk went into business for himself and moved on. Which is bullsh*t actually because he called the guy out and it was off script and so, of course, Hangman is not gonna come out. And so then Punk calls him a coward. What?"

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Meltzer said again that nobody knew that Punk was going to say what he said about Hangman and apparently Punk was saving that because he was mad at something Page said months ago during a segment.

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