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Cody Rhodes: AEW won't do the 'stereotypical onscreen commissioner garbage, EVP heel turn'

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

During his interview on Busted Open Radio, Cody Rhodes speculated on why Tony Khan continues to expand the AEW roster. Khan has been against releasing anyone during the pandemic and he has only let go of a couple of names because of disciplinary reasons.

“One of the reasons I would speculate that Tony keeps adding people is the fact that he can legitimately provide fantasy dream matches on a weekly basis," Rhodes said. "Some of them are rooted in deep, almost that Southern take, those stories. Others are personal issues and modern, and everything that comes with a piece of entertainment today.

Rhodes continued, "Others are just straight up, I want to see this wrestler wrestle this guy. There could be no personal issue between Bryan Danielson and Miro, but I have to see it. That’s a main event. There’s a huge personal issue with CM Punk and Eddie Kingston, and we’ve only seen the tip of that iceberg. I have to see it. There’s years worth of equity in Hangman Adam Page. I have to see it.”

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Rhodes also talked about the fans turning on him in some cities in recent months. He said, “I’m really careful when I talk about it because so many people think that there’s some sort of trap to what I’m saying. When I went out and cut that promo, you know AEW, we’re unscripted. We’re authentic. When anyone asks me what we are that’s different from other wrestling companies, the number one thing I say is we’re authentic. What I’ve told everybody is how I love them and that’s a deep love. You have to understand that these people have been feeding me since I was a little kid before I ever took a bump. What I told them is what I meant.

Rhodes repeated what he has said in previous interviews about not wanting to run heel.

"I will not turn heel," Rhodes said. "You don’t want to drop an absolute on anybody, but I don’t have a lot left in my career. I don’t have another 10 years. It’s probably three more years, full time wrestling, and I want to get every accolade I can get my hands on. I want to be the best me I ever was as a pro wrestler, and the way I’m going to do it is as me. If we try really hard to rope me into babyface or rope me into heel, I think we’re going to miss this wonderful moment. Indianapolis was a total home game. That’s what Arn Anderson said. He said, ‘It’s either going to be a home or away game.’

Rhodes compared the crowd reactions to home and away games in team sports. He said, "I know walking into certain markets, it's going to be an away game. Very likely, New York City is an away game. I walk into Atlanta, GA, that’s a home game. Indianapolis was a home game. Miami was a home game. That’s the greatest energy and the greatest gift the fans can give me is to keep doing what they’re doing, just because I’ve wanted them to watch me my whole life. It took a long time. Now we got them. I want them to take this ride and know it’s not the same ride that people have taken you on before. It doesn’t end the same way. That’s what AEW is. You can look at references from our alternative and our competitor, and always be like, ‘Well, they did this. He should do it like this, or she should do it like this.’ We’re doing something different here. For better, for worse, whatever it may be, we are our own thing, and that includes me not doing some stereotypical onscreen commissioner garbage, EVP heel turn.”

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