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Cody Rhodes explains comment about not being interested in Heath Slater



Cody Rhodes has clarified his previous comments about recently released WWE star Heath Slater.

Earlier this week, Rhodes was asked by fan during a Q&A session on Instagram Live about whether he was interested in signing Slater to a AEW deal. This came during the same Q&A where he spoke highly about Zack Ryder, who he’s good friends with.

He joked that Ryder was his only friend in wrestling and how AEW didn’t stand for “All Friends Wrestling.”

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Rhodes simply replied with “No” to the fan question, which did get a response from Slater that you can see here.

Rhodes reacted to a fan who was critical of him in his response about Slater and comments about Ryder. Thus, the AEW executive noted that he was only joking. He wrote the following:

"Both things were said in jest...clearly. It's clickbaited very sterile, but in context it's clearly humor."