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Colt Cabana has not publicly commented on CM Punk or any of the backstage issues that have come up in recent months in AEW but on his Twitch stream, Cabana referenced something that Punk said without directly saying his name.

Cabana said the following on his Twitch stream: "That's a fun little tidbit. My brother is the director of Family Guy. Look up his name. He also shares a bank account with my mother."

The comment is a reference to Punk saying that Cabana shares a bank account with his mother. The comment was a head-scratcher because many adults, especially those who are helping their parents in their later years, often share bank accounts with their parents.

On a somewhat related note, if you are wondering about Colt's brother, he is telling the truth about what he does for a living. Greg Colton directed several "Family Guy" episodes. He also wrote for "Invader ZIM," "¡Mucha Lucha!" and "The Powerpuff Girls." In 2010, he won Colton won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation" for storyboarding It’s A Wonderful Day for Pie in the “Road to the Multiverse” episode of "Family Guy."

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