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Danhausen shares how his unlikely friendship with Chris Jericho came to be

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Danhausen appeared on "AEW Unrestricted" this week where he gave an in-character interview about Chris Jericho, "The Ass Boys," and his recovery.

Danhausen was asked how he met Chris Jericho:

"I believe a few months before the cruise. Chris Judas discovered Danhausen via the Fanhausens on Twitter," Danhausen said.

"He's asking who should be a guest on his wonderful podcast, and they said Danhausen. He said there's an open invite. Then we started to test. Then he was invited on the cruise."

"When we met, that's when Danhausen's friendship came from with Chris Judas.”

Danhausen said ‘The Ass Boys’ name came about on Chris Jericho’s cruise:

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"Chris Jericho or Judas, whichever you may call him, asked Danhausen to do a comedy show for some reason. I don't know why. But he was like, 'Oh, well, you can invite Billy Ass, a legend.' Also, by the way, that is not swearing. That's his last name. He puts it on the back of his shorts. It's Mr. Ass."

"He said, 'I'll invite him'. and then his little ass boys showed up too. They started to cause a ruckus, and then the crowd started chanting 'Ass boys'. They seem to have a terrible, terrible time with it for some reason. They get really mad, even though it's their last name. They should just embrace their legacy."

Danhausen updating us on his injury:

"Recovery is going good. We have wonderful doctors at AEW," he said. "Danhausen needs a metal rod in his leg. He had broken his tibia and fibula."

"His fellow crashed down upon Danhausen's leg and snapped in two. He heard a pop, and he went, 'Oh, good. This is wonderful.' Then he rolled to the side of the ring. I believe this was the only time Danhausen has sworn publicly. We went to the hospital. That was nice. We had surgery a week later, I believe. Now every single week we're trying to recover it. I think we're getting pretty close. Fingers crossed."

Other topics covered include Danhausen's jar of teeth, his facepaint, and his relationship with "Tony Elite," Tony Khan.

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