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Darby Allin reveals outrageous concept for documentary he had to give up on recording

AEW star Darby Allin recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast alongside Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards. The former pro skateboarder discussed a number of topics during the show, including his love for creating movies, mainly documentaries.

One of the documentaries that Allin had planned was completely outrageous, and he explained why he was unable to finish the concept due to his recording partner ending up in prison.

“I was going to make a film based off of Craigslist fetishes” Allin began. “So I have someone, this friend of mine down there that was going to be…we were going to find like 10 different Craigslist ads with crazy ass fetishes, and then the friend was going to do each fetish with the person. We were going to document it and kind of like try to get into the mind of the people who had the fetish.”

Allin elaborated further, saying “we would ask when the fetish started, why they like it. And we got some really crazy submissions and stuff like that. We were about to do it but then this friend of mine ended up….well, I would even call him a friend, to be honest. This is a crazy crazy neighbour of mine.”

Darby finished by saying how his would-be recording partner ended up in prison. “Anyways, he went to jail and I never saw him again. It was unrelated to the documentary. He tried to break into this person’s apartment and beat them up and they locked the door. So they’re neighbours, and he went in through the other door in his own house. Because it’s in an apartment complex he started taking a vacuum and bashing through the wall. He was trying to crawl through the hole and get to the neighbour and beat him up. The cops came and that was last I ever saw of him.”

When it comes to Darby Allin? This story doesn’t even really shock me.

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