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Dax Harwood on Bret Hart possibly joining AEW: "I don't know if I could hold my emotions back every single night."



FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler appeared on "The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" podcast to discuss their upcoming match at ROH Supercard of Honor and the rumors of Bret Hart becoming their manager.

Dax Harwood talking about FTR’s upcoming match with The Briscoe Brothers at ROH Supercard of Honor:

"Humility aside, you have the opportunity to see two tag teams who are two of the greatest tag teams, definitely of this generation, but arguably two of the greatest tag teams of all time, and you have the opportunity, one time to see it for the first time, and that's in Dallas. So that should be celebrated. That should be something that should be looked forward to, I know. I'm looking forward to it," Harwood said.

“You know, those guys have a lot of parallels and a lot of similarities to me and Cash. But also there are differences as well. You know, we have the same mindset when it comes to matches, and we have the same same thought process. But you know, they're from Delaware, we're from Carolina. We are Carolina boys, and we think we're a little tougher than they are. They think they are tougher than we are. But ultimately, it comes down to who thinks who is best and I think that, on a shoot, they think they're better than us. We've met them one time before and it was, you know, different pleasantries. But I think they really think they're better at tag team wrestling than we are. That kind of gets me a little bit because that takes it from business to personal,” Dax continued.

“I pride myself, we both do, on being the greatest tag team and working harder than everybody else to prove that we are the best. So Ring of Honor, on April the first, Supercard of Honor, we got a lot to prove, and winning those Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships will submit our legacy."

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Dax addressing the rumor of Bret Hart coming to AEW to be FTR’s manager:

"So anything's a possibility. I mean, this is professional wrestling."

"You know, there's nothing out of the question of professional wrestling. I think AEW is the hot ticket right now. We're the hot new shiny toy and we're delivering every single week. I'm very proud of this company. I'm very proud of where I work," Dax shared.

“But as far as Bret Hart managing us, of course, that would be a dream. It would be a dream for me just to have him be there and share his knowledge, in ring and outside the ring, knowledge with us. I don't know if I could hold my emotions back every single night. I might cry every single night if he was there.”

“You know, a lot of people call me a mark online, and that is totally fine. But they don't know how much the man, the human being, the character of Bret Hart literally saved my life many, many, many times. I want to be him. I want to be just like him, and I want to touch lives just like he did, and I want to make people feel just like he did. So yes, of course there are rumors. Is there truth to the rumors? I don't know. Maybe. You have to wait just like everybody else, I guess."

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