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Dean Malenko says he would have been released if he was still with WWE during the pandemic

dean malenko

This week on the PWI Podcast, Dean Malenko is the special guest and he talked about working behind-the-scenes at AEW and his wrestling career including stories from his time in WCW and WWE.

Here are some highlights:

Dean Malenko was asked if he agreed with being ranked #1 in the PWI Top 500 in 1997: “No, I never got in the business for the accolades or a pat on the back. My dad was in the business and it was the next step for me and it was something I enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the wrestling aspect of it and made a lot of really good friends. I got to travel the world. I never took any of that stuff real serious though.”

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Did it help him make the case that he deserves more respect in the business: “I think it would have had more respect from a standpoint if it was the fans that voted on it. Then I could see a promoter saying, hey, this guy is worth something because people are looking at him.”

Malenko was asked: “You chose to go to AEW. When you saw WWE producers being let go or furloughed after they did a house cleaning in the middle of the pandemic, do you feel like you dodged a bullet?” Malenko responded: “I know it would have been me. I probably would have been at the top of the list.”

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