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Diamond Dallas Page on whether he plans on wrestling again after AEW appearance


WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page aka DDP made an appearance on the WINCLY podcast where he spoke about the chances of him wrestling again. 

The pro wrestling legend has been a big supporter of now only All Elite Wrestling but Cody and The Young Bucks as he understands the importance of having competition within the world of pro wrestling.

DDP appeared at Double or Nothing and at the AEW All Out pay-per-view event that aired live on Bleacher Report’s streaming service, B/R Live, from the Sears Centre in Chicago, IL.

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He was recently seen a few weeks ago on AEW Dynamite in order to help out Cody Rhodes in a brawl with The Inner Circle. 

According to DDP, he doesn’t see himself working another match. 

"I've gotta say no, truthfully, and I'm not working you. My body feels too good that I don't wanna screw anything up.”

"I really don't see it happening [with another match]. Some Diamond Cutters – I have plenty of those left in me," stated DDP. "But actually working? I'm gonna say no right now because I'd have to get paid to take any kind of bumps [laughs]...

"If [Cody] needs me to do something, then I'm gonna do it. Getting in the ring? I want the young boys to do their thing. These are the superstars where if I can help them get any cred – I did it back in the TNA days when they brought back me and Scott and Kev – that's what got them on Spike. These guys are already on TNT."