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Dr. Britt Baker on Jade Cargill: "She’s such a megastar when she walks out. She demands attention."

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Dr. Britt Baker stopped by "My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox" this week to discuss a variety of topics including teaming up with Adam Cole, her thoughts on Jade Cargill as TBS Women's Champion, and working with Jerry Lynn.

Britt Baker talking about teaming with Adam Cole:

When asked about working with her boyfriend Adam Cole, Britt shared, “We both wanted to do it, but we also didn’t want to jump the gun. It had to make sense. It had to be the right time, right place, right people, right story, and this was just perfect," she said.

On the stealing the kiss spot from the Young Bucks:

“That was Matt Jackson’s idea. They are such a fun bunch of guys. The Bucks are absolutely hilarious, hysterical people. I’m very partial to Adam Cole and Brandon Cutler. The Elite are awesome and some of my favorite wrestlers to watch. It’s cool to be linked up with them for a little bit right now. It’s exciting.” 

Thoughts on Jade as TBS Women’s Champion:

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“Jade winning the TBS title is huge. She’s such a megastar when she walks out. She demands attention. To have her as our champion is really cool. She’s a rockstar," Britt said.

"She’s brand new to wrestling, and she’s killing it. She’s doing so well. I give her a lot of credit because I know how much I struggled early on when I was learning on TV. I at least had three years of independent wrestling underneath my shoes to step on for support, but she has no wrestling experience."

"So she’s learning wrestling and TV wrestling all at the same time, and I give her all the credit.”

Jerry Lynn has been Britt’s main coach in AEW:

“Specifically within the last year, he has been my main coach," Baker revealed. "That’s who I go to for all my matches, promos, everything."

"He has helped me maybe more than anyone has in the last year, specifically with wrestling and coming into my own as an in-ring performer. He is a genius. I said in my tweet that he’s really one of AEW’s secret weapons. If you rattle off some of your favorite matches in AEW, there’s a huge chance that he was a coach or had some hand in it. He’s so good. Everybody loves working with him. He’s fun and he makes wrestling fun.”

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