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Dr. Britt Baker talks Adam Cole, most proud and embarrassing moment, what she wants for AEW women's division, Brittsburgh, and more


Kelsi spoke with Dr. Britt Baker at Starrcast IV in Baltimore, MD ahead of AEW Full Gear.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Her journey into AEW
  • AEW Dynamite in Brittsburgh
  • On wrestling in Pittsburgh on AEW Dynamite
  • Her most embarrassing moment
  • Her most proud wrestling accomplishment

On her journey to AEW: "It's an ongoing journey. The upstart of AEW was the most exciting thing of my life. I'm learning more about myself as a wrestler, as a person, all the stress but all the excitement. You can't ask for anything more because you get to be the best version of yourself if you let yourself be it."

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Her biggest challenge: "Just that it's such an unfamiliar world for me. I've never been on TV. I've never shot wrestling shows on live TV. For me, there's a lot that I'm still learning and getting used to but it's so much fun. We have so many people backstage that are helping us…"

Going back to Pittsburgh for AEW Dynamite: "That, for me, was such a full circle moment. Ironically, when they were unloading the ring that day, the semi-truck that had my picture on the back of it was parked right outside of the dental school across the street so all of my old professors were sending me pictures and were like 'this is so cool' so it was really an awesome moment."

On what she wants the women's division to accomplish: "I think we have so much diversity in our division. I just want each member of the women's roster to be able to connect with the audience and the fans at home individually. I hope that everyone at home can find themselves in one of us on the roster whether it's myself or maybe it's even Bea [Priestly]. When I was a fan, that's what made wrestling so special to me when you can connect to people."

Is it tough being away from boyfriend Adam Cole: "It's always a bummer because we wanna watch each other live as much as we can. We wanna be there for our career highs and lows and along for the experience and the journey but it can't be that way. We can't be there for every hallmark moment. We are extremely supportive of each other. We watch each other's matches, segments, promos, anything, and everything. We always watch each others stuff. We have a great support system with each other."

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