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During an interview with Sportskeeda, Dr. Britt Baker DMD was asked about her dream opponents. Baker said she's love to share the ring with AJ Mendez and Paige. Baker also talked about the new ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli.

Britt Baker on AJ Mendez:

"I would love to see AJ in the ring again. She did so much for women's wrestling and I think there's so much more that she can do even if she doesn't know that or is unaware of it. There's still so many girls that look up to her, myself included. But now I see myself on an even playing field as her. I feel like maybe I could be better than AJ. So let's get in the ring and see. I would love for her to come out of retirement. I would love for her to be in an AEW ring. I would love to possibly have a mixed tag match with her significant other and my significant other. I'm a huge fan of hers and would love to see her in the ring one day, but if that's not in the cards and she does not want to, I'm not about forcing people to do what they don't want to do either. If she is at peace and happy with her career, then I am happy for her as well, but I think she could do more."

Baker’s thoughts on Paige:

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"I'm a huge fan of Paige. I love her. I love her mom. I've wrestled her mom before actually. She's such an inspirational female. That girl has gone through it all. Pardon my swearing but she's such a badass. She has that, let everything roll off your back energy. You can't get to her. She holds her head high. Her in the wrestling ring again, if I'm not in that match, I want to be ringside watching it because she was one of my favorites to watch."

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