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Dustin Rhodes names which star he thinks will be AEW's next big star

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Dustin Rhodes recently did an interview with Sportskeeda to talk about a wide range of topics. 

Rhodes, who is a veteran in the pro wrestling business, has he spent the majority of his career under the WWE banner. 

With Rhodes joining AEW (All Elite Wrestling), he knows that the promotion must create new stars that are different than the ones created and signed by other promotions. 

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Thus, when Rhodes was asked who AEW's next big star will be, he named MJF, who is currently feuding with Dustin’s brother, Cody. 

"I like a lot of people. I like just about everybody. We have such a good group of kids, but I mean, if you're looking around in our locker room in All Elite, you've got... Oh, man, a new up-and-comer, who not a lot of people know and they are starting to get to know now is MJF. He is really something special on the mic, and we haven't seen too much of his ring ability yet but he's good. He's really good. I like his style," said Rhodes.

"Unfortunately he stabbed my brother in the back so I take that kind of personal when you're messing with family. But as far as him being something special and big in this business, I think he's going to be."