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Dustin Rhodes vs. Cody Rhodes announced for AEW Double Or Nothing

Dustin Rhodes Cody Rhodes

The latest "AEW - The Road to Double or Nothing" has been posted and the biggest news coming out of this episode is that Dustin Rhodes will be facing his brother Cody Rhodes at AEW Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas on May 25th.

Dustin said his brother is trying to put him out to pasture. "Good luck with that little brother," Dustin said.

Dustin said he's done everything there is to do in the wrestling business but Cody is "just filling his shoes right now. He has a long way to go."

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The speculation on Dustin Rhodes going to AEW started in February when he changed his name on Twitter.

Dustin said there's been a rift with his brother but it probably has to do with Cody being the much younger brother. "Cody didn't ask to help with the Stardust character," Dustin said. Dustin takes exception to people who say he and his brother have nothing in common.

This feud is personal and the interview with Dustin is excellent and a great way to hype this match. Dustin ended with, "This is a fight that should have ended years ago. One last ride...or is it?"