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Early estimate for AEW Revolution PPV buys

AEW presented its first pay-per-view event, Revolution, of 2021 and it was very successful for the promotion. It was reported last week the show did excess of $6 million and likely would end up closer to $7 million. AEW would take around 50 percent of the total revenue due to the split with distribution partners.

Dave Meltzer mentioned in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Brandon Thurston had some figures on the show and noted the promotional cut of the total gross of revenue is actually lower than 50 percent.

AEW gets 45 percent of the total gross from B/R Live and television cable in the US while for FITE TV and other international distributors, AEW gets a  cut of 40 percent.

Meltzer noted depending on the television PPV buy numbers and late buys, Revolution figures to do between 122,000 and 137,000 buys. It should be noted, “the early reported television number will increase 10-15 percent although AEW is probably less than that.” The reason for it is due to AEW having more hardcore fans and fewer casual fans.

Finally, the total gross of the show would fall closer to $5.3 million to $5.6 million for the PPV while the live gate was $74,750  and $20,700 for merchandise.

Last year’s AEW Revolution pulled in between 100,000 to 105,000 PPV buys.fe

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