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Eddie Kingston explains why he still works independent shows

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

While speaking with Fightful this week, Eddie Kingston explained why he still works independent wrestling shows.

“To me, money has never been a factor. If I did this for money, I would have been out 2 years in," Kingston said.

"It’s fun. I like giving back to the independents because for so long I was on the independents and they kept me fed, so I like giving back to certain places. I try to do good by the people who did good by me," he continued.

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"That’s why you’ll see me at DEFY, or the next thing you’ll see me at Glory Pro. Like, ‘Why is he at Glory Pro?’ Those dudes are good people to me. Same thing with AAW and AIW. I just try to go to the people who were good to me and try to give back now.”

You can view Eddie Kingston's entire interview with Fightful below.

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