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Eric Bischoff comments on his daughter's involvement with "Rhodes To The Top," why Cody's sister Teil will get her own show



On "83 Weeks," Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson did a watch-along episode on the 10/21/96 episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Bischoff also commented on Montanna Bischoff's involvement with the show.

Here are some highlights:

Bischoff talking about his daughter’s involvement in the reality show “Rhodes to the Top”:

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“That show is near and dear to me. My daughter, Montana, she’s the director of development, I think is her title, at Shed Media which is a Warner owned company. My daughter was really, from day one, involved in developing that show, and really nurtured it through the entire process of getting it on TNT. She was the one who suggested the showrunner who is basically producing that show on site. Because of her involvement, I think her credit is consulting producer, but she deserves a more significant credit than that, but she’s happy with it. Because of her involvement, I have a bias already, and obviously, it’s because it’s Cody. I’ve known Cody since he was a kid. His dad was a friend, and to a degree, a mentor in many ways. It’s very cool, and I’m happy for Cody, Brandi, and everybody. I think Teil, mark my words, Teil is going to end up with her own show out of this. It’s just a prediction. I don’t have any inside information. I’m just giving you what my gut is telling me what’s going to happen. I love seeing Michelle Rhodes, Cody’s mother. She looks the same as she did 25 years ago when I bought a house from her. She was a real estate agent in Atlanta. She sold Diamond Dallas Page his house, and then shortly thereafter, months I guess, a year perhaps, when I was looking for a house, Loree and I were able to give Michelle a call, and we bought our house through Cody’s mom. So there’s a familiarity to it I guess even though I’m not really involved anymore. Seeing people I had a lot of experience with growing and getting this opportunity is just awesome.”

Bischoff said Sting wanted the song “Break On Through” by The Doors to be his ring entrance music when he evolved into the Crow character:

“Nash’s reference (on the 10/21/96 episode of Nitro), to the song ‘Break on Through to the other side’, The Doors song, was in large part because Sting was petitioning, professionally, but petitioning, to get me to buy the rights to that song to use for the Sting character. That was Kevin Nash laying it out there on TV and letting the crowd get behind it hoping to help Sting’s cause.”

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