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Eric Bischoff says CM Punk showed a sign of weakness when he insulted Hulk Hogan

During his “83 Weeks podcast,” Eric Bischoff continued to defend that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash showing up in WCW was bigger than Punk showing up in AEW. He also fired back at Punk for his comments about Hulk Hogan.

“When Punk came out and said that AEW signing him and Daniel Bryan was more significant than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, well I kind of disagree with that. Yes, CM Punk was at a high level 7 friggin years ago when he was at his peak performance in a role in WWE. That was 7 years ago. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were fresh off WWF TV. You can debate significance because it’s another subjective term as unquantifiable. You can debate that all you want. I’m not going to bother to do that. I’ll defer to the court. I’ll submit Punk’s position. What I found interesting is after Punk showed up with all his significance, ‘far more significant than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’, only to see AEW lose viewership over the course of the next two or three weeks, and during that two or three week slide, Punk comes out and says, ‘Well, it’s going to take five years before anybody really notices.’ That to me was like, ok dude. Let’s go back a little bit further. When CM Punk felt the need to come out on his debut and disparage Hulk Hogan the way he did. CM Punk doesn’t know Hulk Hogan. He never worked with Hulk Hogan. He doesn’t know anything about Hulk Hogan, but he’s trying to get himself over with that dirt sheet, anti-Hogan community and then comparing himself above Scott Hall and Kevin Nash categorizing himself and others as being more significant.  Then to come out, when it’s time to deliver, under deliver, way under deliver, I think it bears pointing out.

Look, if you’re going to talk sh*t and talk smack, then you have to be prepared for others to talk sh* and talk smack back. It’s the same thing with Tony (Khan). When Tony came out and said what he said about WCW and me, and the mistakes I made, and all the other happy dirt sheet horse sh*t that gets reported so often, I’m going to respond to that. Why would anybody be surprised that I would respond to that? Why would anybody think I wouldn’t?  Again, I have nothing against CM Punk. I’m looking forward to watching him grow. I’m looking forward to watching him build the AEW brand. I hope he does. I genuinely hope he does, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m not going to bet all my money on it, but I’m hopeful. When people come out and they disparage others in an attempt to get themselves over, however elegant they may think they’re doing it, it’s a cry. To me, it’s a sign of weakness.”

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