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Eric Bischoff Talks AEW Throwing Shots at WWE

Former WCW President and co-host of 83 Weeks Eric Bischoff recently discussed AEW and their attempts to ‘throw shots’ at WWE. As Bischoff pointed out, this was something that he would utilize greatly back in the 90’s during the Monday Night Wars. During this week’s episode of After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Bischoff would discuss whether or not what AEW is doing can be classed as “too much.”

When talking about the Brodie Lee/Exalted One vignette that was seemingly taking shots at Vince McMahon, Bischoff stated; “I liked it. I thought it was really well done. Like, very, very well done. And the reason I’m so impressed with it is because there is a fine line. They found it and straddled it perfectly, like they were laser guided on a razor edge line.”

Bischoff would elaborate further, saying “they stuck it. Right. And by that I mean, if you’ve been in the wrestling business, if you’ve read some of the stories about Vince’s [McMahon] particular, you know, personal traits? If you’re really familiar with that which probably one half of one half of one half of a percent of the audience is that are watching? You get it. But let’s say you didn’t get it. And that vast majority of the audience was sitting there watching this segment, that one might, if you cynical, assume was only geared to the smart marks? Because you’d have to be relatively smart, aware of the industry in general to realise that that was even; I won’t even call it a parody. It’s a shot, to even realise that was a shot of sorts.”

Bischoff would finish by discussing just how excellently the vignette was able to get Brodie Lee ‘over’ with the AEW audience. “If you don’t know Vince has personal characteristics you wouldn’t get that. That thought wouldn’t cross your mind. If you do, it’s a little, it’s pretty interesting but if you fall into that other group? That vignette got him over. It still helped build his character, so they didn’t give anything up. You know what I mean, that was one of those types of vignettes that you could do with those who know get it and like it, but you’re not doing it at the expense of the vast majority of the audience. Because that vignette vignette was a standalone. It got the character over in so many different ways you know now with this character style.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article credit Eric Bischoff/After 83 Weeks; with a h/t to WrestlingNews for the transcription.

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