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Ethan Page shares which wrestling legends he goes to for advice backstage in AEW

On this week's "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Ethan Page discussed working with Dan Lambert and shared who he goes to for advice.

Ethan Page talking about Dan Lambert:

“Honestly, the amount of people he has us rub shoulders with, the connections, and the heat he gets, people don’t like him, but I’m noticing lately that people are turning a corner on Dynamite Dan," Page said.

"I think it’s because they understand the fact that he is a world class entertainer and performer. He is knocking it out of the park every single week. Us as a unit, I don’t think there has been a point where people have been like, ‘Well that sucks.’ Whether it’s 60-90 seconds, we make sure that we maximize our seconds . I have noticed that we are on TV every week and people don’t really notice the length, they just remember that they got to see us.”

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Page on who he goes to for advice:

“Oh man. There are so many options. I love talking to Jerry Lynn and I love talking to Arn Anderson. I love talking to Dean Malenko. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and have helped some of the biggest stars in professional wrestling. Jim Ross too, the guy who signed The Rock. These guys have molded me without knowing it and have made me apply things without knowing it.”

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