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Ex-WWE star Charlie Haas is in fantastic shape after positive life changes, says he wants a match with Chris Jericho

Charlie Haas/All Elite Wrestling

Charlie Haas/All Elite Wrestling

Former WWE star Charlie Haas appears to be making some positive changes in his life. In a post on his Facebook account, he posted a new photo and he appears to be in great shape and added that he "took my life from a negative, and making it a positive."

Hass has also been using the hashtag #JerichoFearsHaas in his posts and said that he would love to have a match with him.

Haas said this on his Facebook account:

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"It’s over when I say it’s over. To those that support me thank you, To the Haters, thank you. I love to prove you wrong. I’ve worked to hard.

I’ve wrestled all over the world, I’ve wrestled the best that there is, in this era. I have never wrestled the GOAT. @Iamjericho. I want to see where I fall, or I may just want to see how Great I Am. @charliehaas @thehaaspod #JerichoFearsHaas"

Haas may be best known to wrestling fans as the tag team partner of Shelton Benjamin in WWE as "The Worlds Greatest Tag Team." The duo won the WWE Tag Team Championship 3 times and they are also 2-time ROH World Tag Team Champions.

Haas wrestled in WWE throughout most of the 2000s before being released and then wrestling for Ring Of Honor and several independent companies.