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Fan video of Arn Anderson's scary accidental fall off the stage during AEW Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson took a scary bump this week on AEW Dynamite but it was not planned.

During Cody Rhodes' entrance ahead of his match with Andrade El Idolo, Anderson was about to be attacked by Jose but as Jose charged at him, Arn lost his footing and he fell off the ramp. Thankfully, there was a platform next to the ramp and it looked like Arn fell in between the ramp and the platform. Arn's fall was briefly captured during the live broadcast and fan video shows just how scary the bump was. As seen in the video below, Jose reacted quickly to pull Arn back out of the area where he fell and he continued the planned storyline attack.

Arn also took a bump at ringside after slipping off the ring apron back in September but this time he fell simply because he took a misstep. Earlier in the show, Bryan Danielson came close to falling off the ramp as he was leaving the ring.

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Check out the GIF from the live broadcast and the video recorded by a fan at the arena.