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Fans at AEW Dynamite in Chicago reportedly yelled a slur at Cody Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Last night on AEW Dynamite, the crowd was split once again for Cody Rhodes with a vocal group of fans booing him during the main event.

At one point during the match, Rhodes took off his weight belt and tossed it into the crowd just like he does during most of his matches. However, this time the fan that caught the belt threw it back in the ring after being urged by other fans in the area.

On TV, everything seemed harmless and the rowdy fans added to the broadcast but apparently, a few fans got out of hand.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that he received a report from a fan in attendance that said that a slur was hurled at Rhodes by a few fans.

"So this is the report from someone who was there. On Cody, live there were actually many, if not more people cheering or booing, but the people booing were really, really loud and obnoxious. It actually did get ugly. There were people who were chanting ret*rd at Cody and people started booing. It was a pretty bad scene during the main event in the crowd."

Last night's crowd reaction was reminiscent of some of the mixed reactions that John Cena would get at shows when the fans felt he was getting stale but there is obviously no place anywhere for fans who cross the line with their language.

Rhodes has stated in several interviews that he has no plans to turn heel and he plans on retiring as a babyface. After Dynamite went off the air, he teased the Chicago fans when he almost went backstage through the heel tunnel but don't hold your breath on a heel turn.

h/t to Ringside News for the quote.