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FITE announces that AEW Dark will debut tomorrow Jan 21st for AEW+ members

FITE TV announced the following:

FITE is proud to announce an exciting new addition to the AEW Plus subscription! AEW Plus is the popular subscription service that features the live AEW Dynamite program every Wednesday, completely commercial free with special behind the scenes content for just $4.99/month.

Beginning this Tuesday, Jan. 21st, AEW Plus subscribers will gain access to the entire AEW Dark weekly series as part of their subscription at no extra charge. AEW Dark episodes will air live every Tuesday at 7pm ET and show highlights of the best dark matches from the previous AEW Dynamite episodes.

On January 21st, AEW Dark will premiere on FITE with a special 16 episode marathon! See the full schedule below:

4:00am ET – AEW Dark #1

5:00am ET – AEW Dark #2

6:00am ET – AEW Dark #3

7:00am ET – AEW Dark #4

8:00am ET – AEW Dark #5

9:00am ET – AEW Dark #6

10:00am ET – AEW Dark #7

11:00am ET – AEW Dark #8

12:00noon ET – AEW Dark #9

1:00pm ET – AEW Dark #10

2:00pm ET – AEW Dark #11

3:00pm ET – AEW Dark #12

4:00pm ET – AEW Dark #13

5:00pm ET – AEW Dark #14

6:00pm ET – AEW Dark #15

7:00pm ET  – AEW Dark on Tuesday debut

To order AEW Plus on FITE, click here:


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