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FTR has fired Tully Blanchard and they are teasing a WWE Hall Of Famer as his replacement

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

As seen on tonight's AEW Dynamite, FTR has fired Tully Blanchard.

It all went down during a backstage segment. Dax Harwood talked about pro wrestling being his first love and said that he is fighting for his family. Tully Blanchard seemed to take issue with the line about his family and that led to Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler firing him. After tonight's AEW Dynamite Dax tweeted, "Bret, what are you up to?"

It's no secret that Dax and Cash are huge Bret Hart fans and they have become friends in recent years. If you follow Dax's account on Twitter, you will see occasional references to Bret on his timeline but in recent days there have been more mentions than usual.

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Also, this may or may not be related, but during the AEW Revolution post-show media scrum, CM Punk referenced Bret Hart and said that he should be the one cashing in big paychecks instead of the guy who cut his career short in WCW (Goldberg).

It certainly would make sense for Bret to come in to manage someone like FTR and/or Punk and the Owen Hart Tournament is coming up, which makes it a no-brainer to have him involved with AEW in some fashion. Bret was on the first Double Or Nothing show in 2019 to unveil the AEW World Championship.

For those of you that missed it, here is CM Punk at the media scrum: