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FTR on Bret Hart: "The guy who punched Vince McMahon in the face took time out of his day to text me to tell me how proud he is of us"



FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were interviewed this week on the "AEW Unrestricted" podcast.

They talked about the art of cheating and tag team wrestling psychology, the Carolina wrestling scene, their proudest moments, their journey to AEW, Dusty Rhodes stories, their favorite Bret Hart matches and text messages, Tully Blanchard and much more.

Here are some highlights:

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FTR talked about coming to AEW: “I think a lot of the guys we are working with now, I think some of them, still have a little bit of apprehension towards us. I think they think here are these WWE guys coming in and they are going to try to change the culture and that’s not the case. The gimmick is FTR, Follow The Rules. That’s part of our gimmick, but in real life, we really do believe that. It’s easy for you to go out there, and a lot of guys think it’s creative to get four guys in the ring and do a whole bunch of stuff. They think that’s the creative part but to us, the creative part is having boundaries and having rules and working within those rules so the fans can follow it. If we didn’t hold the tag rope to make the tag, Aubrey Edwards steps in and says no and the fans would know why. It’s just part of the storytelling aspect for us. We need everybody to play their role. The creativity is making it make sense and finding ways around the rules with the distraction of the referee. It’s not just about us getting our stuff in.”

Dax talked about his relationship with Dusty Rhodes: “I met him in 2012. I think he saw this 5ft 10 North Carolina guy walk in and he didn’t see much and I don’t blame him. I’m nothing special until the day that bell rings. He saw that so we had a relationship. I think he liked the fact that I was the antithesis of what Vince liked from body stature to height to my southern accent. We formed a bond very quickly. I would always ask questions. He saw us together and then he told us, don’t ever leave each other’s side. Always be together so everyone sees you together and they can put it in their own mind that they need to have us together. I remember two days before he passed away, I was in the trainer’s room with Sami Zayn. He walked from the office into the trainer’s room. He just watched a match with me and Wesley Blake. We had a singles match. He walked in and said, 'I want everybody to know this. He said this guy right here is the best talent this company has. There is nobody else who could have had the match he just had and he can work with anybody in this building. He deserves to be a millionaire.' That was one of my proudest moments and then two days later, he passed away.”

FTR talked about feedback they got from Bret Hart: “When Bret texts us, I immediately smile. When we got our release, he sent me this long beautiful text that almost brought me to tears. He told me how proud he was of us. He said, 'It’s very hard in this business to stand up for yourself, but you guys did and you always stood up for what you believed in and I’m very proud of you that you did until the day you left.' That meant so much to me. That was the moment we knew we made the right decision to leave. This came from the king who stood up for himself. The guy who punched Vince McMahon in the face took time out of his day to text me to tell me how proud he is of us is almost surreal.”

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