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FTR on using the piledriver, 6-man tag titles in AEW, ring psychology and more

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling's FTR did an interview this week for Fightful Select. They discussed their signing with AEW, their time in WWE and much more during this interview.

Here are some highlights:

FTR talked about being able to use the piledriver in AEW: “We never came in saying we have to do a piledriver just to say screw you to the WWE. That’s not the case at all because they don’t give a damn if we do a piledriver or not. We just wanted to do it to add another move to our arsenal and pay homage to Arn and Tully. We also wanted to show that we could get over a move that is not anything crazy or spectacular.”

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FTR gave some insight to his psychology of a tag team bout: “When it’s time to get the hot tag, you don’t want to come in and do a bunch of flips and roll like that. You’ve been beating the sh*t out of my best friend for 5 minutes. I’m going to come in and throw fists. I’m going to come in and beat the sh*t out of you. That’s the psychology of tag team wrestling that you can build so much around that.”

Cash was asked if he thinks there should be 6 man tag titles: “Maybe down the line, but that would be trying to run before we can walk. We are still trying to build up the tag team division and establish all the players there and make people care about every team as individuals and human beings. We don’t need to bring more championships into the fold when these aren’t even established and are less than a year old. We don’t need to bring 6 man teams into the fold when we are still trying to establish the 2 man. Maybe down the line but I think it’s unnecessary right now.”

There's more covered in this interview. FTR also talked about the pitches made to Vince McMahon that fell on deaf ears. Click here to read more on pitches that were made by Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and others to work with FTR. In Reigns' pitch to McMahon, he offered to lose to them.

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Fightful Select with a h/t to for the transcription